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about the author

Nan has always been a reader. When she took a break from her sales and teaching jobs to raise children, she decided to use all that new leisure time to write her own books. 


Her first novel, Cheating Lessons (Simon & Schuster, Tadmar Press), stars high school quiz bowl champion Bernadette, who has a great memory and an ethical dilemma. In Unaccounted For (Tadmar Press), 18-year-old Milo postpones college to investigate his father's death--and discovers corporate finance is a lot more dangerous than people think. 


Her latest novel, working title Project Oasis (date TBD), is an adult suspense tale set in and around Pittsburgh. What will 25-year-old Frances Dorrian do when runaway Saudi bride Marya lands in her limo and demands help fleeing murderous relatives? Quite a lot, it turns out, and the two young women learn much about themselves and each other's cultures while eluding some very angry people who want them dead.


Nan and her husband have two daughters and a son and live not far from Pittsburgh. None of her loved ones has ever felt neglected because of her writing. Just saying.